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Abstract paintings inspired by nature in new Ciesla's original printout series

Most often in my abstract paintings I refer to nature, its forms and colors, diversity, but also my memories and what I read as archetypes.

Associative forms that are simple and not limited in their painterly composition are important to me.

These paintings are dynamic in their form, you can see thick textures and strong brush strokes, but also linear and geometric motifs, which creates an interesting and coherent composition :)

Abstract forms of nature 1 stones and water Link to gallery ->


Abstarct forms of nature - Forest Bedding Link to Saatchi gallery -- >

_______ Abstract forms of nature - The Forest Link to gallery - >

____ Abstract forms of nature- Lake and Sunset Link to the Saatchi gallery ->

_______ If you have any questions about my paintings please contact with me via " contact form " :)


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