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Landscape inspired by Monterosso Al Mare, painting 2021

The west coast of Tuscany, the Cliffs, Italian architecture, aromas, the atmosphere of Italy and memories of these places are my inspiration for the paintings from this series. An abstract landscape is in this case the best form of expression.

Evening in Moterosso Al Mare

Monterosso Al Mare is a unique place, from the upper part of the city, it offers a wonderful view, accompanied by the tourist and nostalgic atmosphere of a seaside town. The sunset in western Tuscany in particular inspires visions of artistic, abstract painting forms.

As soon as the epidemic ends, I go back to Italy to enjoy peace and artistic inspiration;)

Oil painting from 2021

Italian coast, Punta Ala

Punta Ala was also the inspiration for the second work in this series More- artworks are available n Singulart gallery search by " Punta Ala " " Moterosso " " Maciej Ciesla " or please contact the gallery


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