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Portraits " Between Archetype and Dream " ... what does it mean ?

Today I would like to tell you about my portraits, which have a much more abstract form than the rest of my paintings. First of all, I would like you to ask yourself what is a contemporary portrait?

Well, in my opinion, creating a portrait in a modern spirit should focus on the most personal, private feelings about a portrayed person. Give your impressions about this person through paint and canvas, your techique. However, as you have already probably noticed, I portray "my concept of a portrait / human archetype"

The archetype in psychology is defined as a pattern, a fundamental concept that falls within our subconscious mind. Thus, I try to look as deeply as possible into my spontaneous associations, the overall image of the face, a human concept ( people who influenced me ? Sometimes a self portrait ? memories, dreams, nightmares ? )

Therefore, my portraits are more a composition in which I try to define what is hidden, in my dream, in my memory and in my imaginations. They are not literally faces, but rather an attempt to interpret people and myself.

I hope this short description explains my creative process a bit :)

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You can find some of my portraits in EmergArt and Singulart, also from 12.2019 in " Die Kunstmacher "


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